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Top Mathematicians

In Kindergarten, it’s time for children to solidify their grasp of numbers and geometric shapes. Math Games gives them the opportunity for extra practice at this as they bounce their way through enjoyable games!

Knowing how to count and use numbers is key in this grade, according to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Kids are expected to count in different ways: with objects, charts, numbers and sets. They also learn simple arithmetic and fine-tune their conception of space and everyday objects. Our curriculum-based games help them perfect these skills as they complete exciting challenges and have fun! They can practice:

  • Naming numbers up to 100 and counting in a variety of ways
  • Understanding positioning and basic symmetry
  • Talking about the qualities of figures, shapes, and objects (e.g. is something tall or heavy, does it have more corners or sides than another shape?)
  • Adding and subtracting up to ten

And other material too! With Math Games, all of these skills can be practiced through play and for free. Click on one of the skills above to start a game or download a worksheet.