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Pre-K is when children learn foundational elements of mathematical knowledge in preparation for kindergarten. With Math Games, they can absorb these ideas as they have fun, and incorporate education into playtime!

In Pre-K, kids learn how to count objects and describe where things are. They start to conceptualize quantities in terms of “more” or “less.” They begin to identify and compare shapes and objects. With our games and exercises, users can do all of this, and also have adventures! Our curriculum-based Pre-K games allow kids to practice:

  • Explaining where an object is in relation to something else (i.e. above, below, inside, to the left of something)
  • Saying how simple shapes are similar or different to one another
  • Counting and comparing numbers and objects
  • Completing very simple addition and subtraction equations (e.g. 2+2 = ?, 3-1 = ?)

And more! With our free games (and worksheets and mobile apps), you’ll find that basic math is VERY far from boring. Click on a skill to get your child or student playing!